It's funky, it's fresh, it's fierce and absolutely fantastic this is the pure love of movement! Experience something for your mind, your body and your soul in Pers world of House-dance!

An exciting dance aerobic inspired by jazz and disco, where the joy of movement is everything. With an incredible charisma and solid teaching skills, Per guides You in a playful way to a level where You and the dance merge together as one. Experience the feeling of a burning enthusiasm and the rhythms sensation!

Higher things! (aerobic)
Have You ever had the feeling of running out of directions and ideas? Well, here is the answer! Let Per guide You through this aerobic workout with tons of new and exciting solutions. Combined by the latest Swedish trends and his unique personality, he will definitely provide reasons to ask for more!

P Step
Per´s signature class, containing groundbreaking choreography and superb house music. Stepstatic will challenge, inspire and show you a whole new dimension of spectacular moves and grooves! This is the ultimate step-class!

Symmetric Solutions (step)
This class will inspire Your teaching skills to the max.Per focuses on the break-down part and presents great new moves to deal with. You will be enchanted to the point of no return, and when the class is over it will feel like time and space never existed.

Burn baby Burn!
Let loose, dance and sing along to this ultimate feel-good class! This is Disco at its best!

True Style
The freshest R'n'B and hip-hop mixed together with the sweetest moves and grooves! An intense and dynamic class where Per takes you on a trip through the authentic styles of hip-hop and funk.

Per Markussen\'s Aerobics